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Ecometano - Biogas

Ecometano - Biogas

Caucaia - CE

The ECOMETANO was created in 2010 in order to capture and treat the biogas generated from renewable sources such as municipal solid waste, organic waste and vinasse, for the production and distribution of biomethane.

The proposal is to be an innovator in the biomethane chain to join their production from renewable sources with processes and consumer markets, in an economically viable manner and at an affordable cost to society. The company offers sustainable solutions in reducing serious environmental impacts such as those caused by the improper disposal of waste and the emission of greenhouse gases. It also enables a clean fuel is taken to remote areas where there is no pipeline network allowing its use as a substitute for fossil fuel.

The company belongs to MDCPAR, Brazilian group memberships and investments in infrastructure, created in 2009, with a strong presence in the energy market. Its shareholders are private partners (53%) and FI-FGTS, an investment fund of the Federal Savings Bank (47%). The group's mission is to create viable models for efficient use of energy sources, practicing excellence in innovation, environmental care and the implementation of a sustainable vision of the business with deep environmental commitment.

Besides the Ecometano the MDCPAR has a subsidiary that participates in the production and collection of natural gas and another that takes care of the transport, distribution and marketing of fuel. In early 2015 it acquired a new subsidiary that produces renewable electricity and steam from biomass, consolidating a synergistic and integrated management model.